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Kamis, 27 November 2014

Wordads from Wordpress VS Adsense from Google

I'm sure you all are familiar with wordpress. Yes wordpress now a Google competitor. Having launched a free blog and the increasing number of users that many people today are turning to WordPress. Now wordpress is not to be outdone by a competitor who had formerly known. Yes blogger.com owned by Google which first existed.

But Google also must consider wordpress this time. Because WordPress is now also launched a website where you can be mine dollars. Google may have a wordpress adsense but also has a program wordads. Here are some differences between Google Adsense and wordpress my opinion:


1. Very difficult to get an approved from GA.

2. Easy get approved with the help of a third party such as youtube
but prone banned only with little violations

3. To get great earnings should be many clicks by visitor on ads.

4. Pin sometimes never came.


1. Approved quickly, if traffic per day range about 5000

2. Should a custom domain such as .com and others (you can not buy domain elsewhere, should in wordpress directly with the price of $ 18).

3. There should be no click revenue, because you are paid based on impressions or on your daily view.

4. Payment by paypal and paid every end of the month.

5. Rarely banned.

6. Compared to google adsense. Earning quite large. ( I think )

7. Wordads receive local and English language blog.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of both programs. It seems to me if you have any other idea please leave a comment to be added.

Alternatives to Google AdSense my recommendation is wordads. Simple and not beat around the bush like google adsense program. How to register in order to be approved by wordads. We'll talk later. If you want to ask then please leave a comment.