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Jumat, 28 November 2014

Why Your Blog lose The Visitors? Find More About Google Sandbox

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Sandbox and its influence, What is Google Sandbox? Greetings blogging buddy,, in the world there is Search Engine bloggers, and in the Search Engines there Sandbox, Sandbox arguably a quarantine for a blog article or whole blog homepage url.

The most worrying thing by blogger is when they blog is not exist in the article search, because trapped in the sandbox.

Definition or understanding of the Sandbox is a ban actions of the google search engine to a weblog page or particular article to be indexed in time is not specified, can be long or temporary. And a specificity of google to blog omitted from the ranking index, in other words, Google's Sandbox is a prison for a website or blog and article / content of a blog, so Sandbox negative impact for the blog

Google sandbox is divided into:

# 1. Sandbox is an act ban to a blog or homepage overall all URL blog and the content therein.

# 2. Sandbox is a prison for some articles / content in a blog or a specific page url. This section is common to the participants in the contest Seo, by doing seo on page optimization and off page seo is redundant and therefore considered spam.

there are several common reasons why your blog is the google sandbox;

Things that can cause your blog entering into google sandbox;

1. excessive search engine optimization for example building a lot of links from other websites to the pages of your website (backlinks) in a short time.

2. Too many blogwalking that too often in the near future and to avoid making comments that are irrelevant, then you use the comments that have been there before (plagiarism) on the blog you want to comment on and provide a link to your blog.

3. Too many repeat words in a post, and this is usually done bloggers to repeat the targeted keywords.

4. Create a link to the sites which blacklist by google.

5. Too many do PING in adjacent time eg several times a day.

6. Duplicate the article content and did not include the source link.

How do I know my blog is in google sandbox?

1. Visit this website HERE.

2. Please fill in the first column with your blog url,

3. Fill the second column with your keywords.

4. Enter chaptcha

5. Finally click Submit

Once you submit then wait the waiting process, if the its results appear.
"Your site not in Google Sandbox". it's mean that your blog is in a safe area. not listed on google sandbox.

But if you see the text like this "Your site is still in the Google Sandbox. Contact support@searchenginegenie.com to get you out of the Sandbox". That means your blog exposed in google sandbox.

That's all I post this time, thank you for visit me and tell me if there is an article of your blog is in the sandbox like this blog? A few brief description of the Google Sandbox sense, It is almost the same with Bing Sandbox! What do you think?