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Kamis, 20 November 2014

Traffic Decrease Factors On Your Website

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Learning SEO is not easy especially if you are unfamiliar with the web code, especially HTML Template Validation code editing, so many of which overlook the importance of the science of SEO is to optimize a website or blog, which if not immediately be prevented then the quality of the blog SEO worsens with increasing number of post / article on the blog.

Before we continue with the discussion above about the Factors of Decreasing Quality SEO In Blog, you need to understand what is SEO? and what are the benefits for the blog, coincidentally my blog is active on a directory so the opportunity to ask questions about SEO tips immediately got a response, and this time I asked "Why my ALEXA RANK was down to 100,000, but PageRank is still zero, but there is another blog with 500,000 ALEXA RANK but already has a pagerank 1 even 2 ".
you may also have come across a blog like the questions above, or happens to your own blog, with a question that I received a short reply from WOLKEST GEORGE ADAM, USA;

"Errors in the use of irregular Heading tags, and keyword phrases have not been set or made, so that the CTR is worth nil by Google, please fix these two elements above as basic SEO, then the next step increase Pageview your blog page. Thank you."

From the above statement, we can take the conclusion, that SEO is important if your goal is to build a blog to share any information through the internet, because someone will find something that is needed on the internet by googling on Google Search, and how one would find the page of our website, what if the our article just do not show up in google search.?
For that the following factors causes of Decreased Quality SEO In Blogs that you can use as a reference:


Heading tags H1, H2 and H3 Heading tags are not drafted well on your blog so it does not give the distance where the difference in the title of the blog, where the title of the article, and where the subject of the post title, so the quality of the keywords will be weak for the Google index.


blogs with not a description or you do not make it, so the blog is not focused discussion on what topic, how and the purpose of the blog is created, it is advisable to create a meta tag description and keywords lead to your blog


You do not give a title on your link, be it a link to the pictures or the links contained in all pages of your blog, for example, the title of the article was not given a title or all the links on popular posts, related posts were not given a title.
to description fundamental nature images, but greatly affect the quality score of your blog SEO.
Thank you.