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Senin, 17 November 2014

Top Secret on How to Get Adsense Success with Blogspot

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Hey dude..we meet me again, yes. I am the most handsome man and the smartest guy in this unfair world will gonna tell you How to increase your adsense earning with no LIE. Today In this my new article I'm gonna explain to you some tips and the factors that you must to understand in order to make money from blogspot of course to fight hunger, at least my hunger. No matter if this awesome blog doesn't get approved by google but you can trust me.

1. You must have Targeted Traffic

Yes it a must. In order to make successfully earn a substantial income from Adsense and blogspot, you must have so many of visitors traffic. But the traffic is a lot of traffic should have a target,  many people can bring in more traffic to blogs, but they really don't know how to drive traffic generating blog to get earning. Not all visitor traffic are the same, the fact remains that special visitor will generate a lot of ads clicks. Dont let the poor peoples just like me to see your blog then click the ads. Cause the poor peoples just like me have no credit card and we dont know how to buy something from the internet. Let the rich peoples see your blogspot then we hope they gonna click and shopping from your blog. that's so clear buddy.

Then how to get targeted visitors you? To get a good visitor you should get a research of your keywords or keyword research and combine it with the strategies of search engine optimization (SEO). Do you understand?

2. You Must Know The Most Expensive Keyword.

Expensive Keywords or Highest Paying Keywords (HPK) is another factor that can determine the success of your blogspot Adsense. If your blogspot just targeting the keywords that are not expensive, how poor you are, you will slow in getting great Adsense revenue. So make it high buddy!

PPC is the key-word that have a high click rates between $ 1 - $ 30 per-clicks. So if you have a target High Expensive keywords you can quickly earn awesome income. Unlike the cheap poor keywords, you only probably will only get $ 0.01 - $ 0.50 per click only. And it just waste your time.

To find out the accurate price of expensive keywords, you have to use the keyword tool. In order if you wanna know in detail about how to implement keyword research on Google Adsense,

3. Just put your ad in the Right Placement

To get successfully a lot of Adsense clicks on your blogspot, you have to put the ad in a position easily seen of the eyes of the visitors, Dont put them on yor email, for example on the right sidebar of your blog. If Adsense ads does not appear by visitor so how can you get Adsense clicks that much?

Another tip is do not put too many Adsense ads on your blogspot, put hundereds of ads on your blog can make google angry and kick you out, because too many ads can lead to invalid clicks and could be a danger to the security of your Adsense account, advertised taste. Me myself like to advertise on my blogspot as 2-3 pieces only, never more. see..! no ads now on this weird blog.

4. Just Create Unique Content, will you?

If you want your blogspot visited by so many peoples, so create a blog content with unique topic that does not exist or similar on other people's sites. Actually, there are so many topics that have not been widely available on the internet. for example; you can see this awesome blog. so unique, isn't it?

Why you do not try to unique / different? You can write content about your hobbies, about your skills, your experiences and others, provided useful to others. Search Engines love with unique content and can bring your blog to good grades.

6. Make the ads Attract Attention

When you have to create Adsense ads, you can adjust new color of the ads that will appear on your blog, in order to attract visitors attention you can change the color of the Adsense ads on a regular basis tool so that the visitors will not get bored. Example, in a month you can change the color of your Adsense ads as many as 3 times, a white color, pink, blue, purple, red and white into color, or so dark yellow markings, and so on buddy.

7. Perform your Experiments or hear other blogger what have they did

To be a successful Adsense publisher with blogspot, you must dare to make any experiment, for example, you make experiments of testing the traffic source blog visitors optimum, another example, comparing the source of traffic from social media and search engines, then you know the best compare and get an action not only sit and see the Cartoon Network.

Another example is you can make experiment on Adsense ads coloring and Adsense advertising for best position, then compare the color and ad position Where an advertisement is most often get a lot of clicks on your blogspot.
That's it buddy..Thankyou.
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