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Kamis, 18 Oktober 2018

Tips to choose good domain for your blog

For you are an online business or a professional blogger, has a website with a unique domain is something that you want as it becomes your identity and your site. Many online discussion that talks about how to choose a good domain for a site. But wait, what the actual definition of the domain? Below is a definition of the domain according to wikipedia:

Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on a computer network or the Internet. Domain function is to facilitate the users on the internet at the time of access to the server, this is also used to remember the name easier of the server that visited without having to know a complicated series of numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as an integral part of a website such as for example "". The domain name is sometimes also referred to as the URL, or web address.

Here are some tips on choosing a good domain for your site:

1. Choose a domain name that corresponds to your name or your business.
When you create a website / blog for promotional purposes or sell products / services - such as selling perfume and it would be better if you choose a domain name that is associated with the perfume. Example, for example to create a website / blog for promotion or selling perfume, then you should choose a domain: | | | and others. We recommend that you do keyword research before choosing a domain name, keep your domain containing the keywords of your business, have quite a lot in the search engines, and competition is the key word is not too difficult. Use the help of Google Adwords: Keyword Tools to help you find the keywords that are suitable for your domain name.

When you create a website / personal blog, then you should use your name or nickname you as a domain, for example

2. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember 
Use a simple domain spoken, understood, and remembered. When you tell someone you verbally domain name - for example, by phone - a domain that is too long or difficult to understand would be difficult to remember or even be able to confuse others.

3. Just use the TLD (Top Level Domain) ending in dot com for your domain name. 
TLD is .com domain exetension most memorable person. For example, when there is a domain with the same word - for example perfume - usually people will try to open the extension dot com website first. To check the availability of a domain name, you can use this site assistance.

4. Never use a domain name such Racist or PORN or Serial killer or NAZI style
Because it will give a bad impact on your website and of course your own image. Search engines like google usually oriented keywords, if your domain name contains words that are redistributed, this can result in your site blacklisted by the search engines, which ultimately will have an impact on the number of visitors to your site.

5. If possible, avoid the addition of words or characters that do not need to be on your domain. 
For example, the use of hyphens, numbers, space, blank or additional letters - this may affect the power of SEO a website. But if it should be forced to add character to a domain, then you should use the minus sign (-).

6. Do not buy a domain name that has become a trademark.
For example:,, Do not even think of buying a domain that is similar to that domain because it is likely that you will be sued by the company owner of the trademark.

7. Buy domain only of the Registrant are reliable at an affordable price.
One of the domain registrant that I often use is, in addition to low cost facilities are also very profitable. Namecheap domain standard offer price of about $ 9.98 per domain per year - will be even cheaper if you have a coupon discount. In addition, they also provide the facility with free whois guard (only in the first year), while the other registrant will normally be charged.

After reading this article, hopefully you can find a domain that matches with a blog or website that you will wake up. If there is input and questions please send us your comments! Sorry for my Bad English.. Dont curse me please!