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Kamis, 20 November 2014

Tips to Choose an Article Title with SEO Qualified

Writing is an easy thing to do, because it is not necessary to write more knowledge to tell anything in writing, just have ability to read and write and then you can write, but what if the writing hasn't already qualified, will the writing benefit for the reader.? Not much different in the media of this blogger, blogging means that the article that you dedicate your blog to visitors, but not a bit too long to create a blog, but the blog does not go to get the attention of visitors, it is this which must be circumvented so that it does not happen (deserted visitors).

The title is a summary of the overall content of the writing, therefore, there is no article that displays the contents of the article under the title, the title should be on top of writing, agree guys .. !! LOL.
Well, these factors should we consider when choosing the title of your article will be published to the visitor / reader, as the title of this article which will be stored in the Google database which will be displayed in Google's search system structure, That is why google hates duplicate article ( copy Paste ). In order for the title of our article is not included in the blacklist of google, Tips to Choose an Article Title with SEO Qualified for your articles for consideration to:


SEO blog

Note the picture above, there are about 849 million pages that displays a list of titles containing articles that are categorized as the same understanding and goals, avoid to write an article wich similar like that, because if you make a post with the article title as the category, be sure your article will not appear the top 10, let alone the first place !! You must make an unique one.
The value of 5-7 word title of the article, do more because it will affect the quality of SEO itself. The contents of the article should not be too long, fairly 500-1000 words but the point can be easy read by the reader.


If you are active in a particular events try to make nuanced article / narrate events in the event, these tips will also help introduce your blog to the crowd through the event, I've tried this with the theme of "backlinks" that time many people looking about keywords and backlinks that result my article contained in a large order of the Top 3 of Google search with the keywords "How to Quickly Get Qualified backlink", for example, try typing the keyword "Getting backlinks Qualified" in the search field google.


The following tips as an explanation of the description of your blog, your blog name, so that the direction of flow of the discussion of the overall content of the blog page metching the blog article, for example, suppose you create a blog to discuss the concept of a tech about the computer, but your article discusses the health, of course irrelevant . for more details you can read relevant articles in my other blog here