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Selasa, 25 November 2014

The Types of Server You Should to Know

Web Server

Server. In the development of the computer network so rapidly requires a reliable server so we walked up to the network, many network administrators that the server is made very great both in terms of security, speed or the other, and therefore required a server setting that really reliable.
Types of servers are as follows:

1. Fax Server
Fax server is used to serve the fax service for the client. With the existence of this fax server. Fax sending requests and receiving faxes through a fax server will have. Fax server is also equipped with a fax modem that supports the function.
Example: ActiveFax

2. FTP Server
This server has the FTP protocol services. This means that the presence of this FTP server, FTP requests (FTP is spesificly protocol for data transfer services) will be implemented.
Example: FileZilla, wftp,, vsftp, cerberusftp and tftp,

3. Mail Server
Mail server has a role to serve the client in terms of mail (letter). Letters in this case, the client can send messages to other clients, which is where the letter is stored in the mail server as well. So apart from being a place to store the mail, the mail server also provides complementary services such as web mail service interfaces to facilitate client write letters and organize letter owned by the client.
Example: Postfix

4. Database Server
Database server, as the name suggests. This is server service for clients who need the services database storage. In the database server, can contain hundreds or thousands of databases from multiple users. Usually these databases are grouped or stored by users who are using the database service. To avoid data theft.
Example: mysql, sql-server

5. Proxy Server
Proxy server, can be used to strengthen security on a network. This server can be used to filter incoming and outgoing service requests from a client. With the proxy server, we can block an IP to communicate example.
Example: squid

6. Web Server
This server is a server that might not strange to hear. Sites such as search engines, blogs, websites etc would need a web server so that the file - the file as .html .php .asp web can be processed first in the web server before it is sent to the client fule. Web server serves the request servicing by the HTTP protocol, and there is also an IMAP and HTTPS.
Example: Apache

7. Telnet Server
A server that is used to serve the Telnet service. With the existence of this server, we can do what we want in order to the remote computer. Before our computer remotely, we get used to the telnet server's login system. Then telnet request is forwarded to the destination computer that requested by the client.
Example: telnet-server

8. File Server
File server can mean a computer that is used to store the data - data that is owned by a number of clients. The server storage capacity also depends on the capacity of HDD which is owned by the server.
Example: SAMBA

9. Game Servers
Game server is a server that is used for the center to connect between the players (clients) with other players. Game server is in addition to a separate server, can also be established from a client computer that is playing the game.
Example: PLESK

10. DNS Server
DNS servers have utility for DNS service. DNS allows you to translate the domain address of a computer in the form of IP. Therefore, if we do not specify the DNS server IP address settings, then we will find it hard to open sites such as Google, this is because Google address must be translated first into the form of a computer's IP address before we can connect to the google server .. While the IP address dns server has not been determined by us.
Example: BIND

11. Print Server
This server can be used for printing service center (print) for the client. With the existence of this server, all the activities of "print" can be done together and save on hardware costs because although there is a printer, it can be used by multiple computers.
Example: SAMBA

12. Application Server
In its function, this server is a server computer that is used to run a software application.
Example: Glassfish, Oracle Apps Server, JBoss + TomCat

13. Streaming Media Server
Server airport service streaming media data such as music, videos. This service allows us to access a download content without our prior.
Example: VLC, Darwin

14. Home Server
This server is a server that is specifically for home users who need services such as home entertainment. The computer can also be added services other services such as printing services, web services, and file services as data backup. So that this computer has a variety of functions.

That is about a little bit of Miscellaneous Server may be useful for you