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Kamis, 27 November 2014

The Secret to Increase Your Adsense Earning, Real Works!

Ever wonder ask why my income from adsense PPC is still very low?
The answer is: probably the CPC (Cost Per Click) from ad that often appear in your blog is very small.
Then how in order to know the CPC value ads that appear on your website?

First you got find out first what the ads that often appear on your website, from HERE. Actually this tool to determine whether a web adsense banned or not. But this time we will use to determine what ads are usually often appear on our website.

Put your website URL in the URL box, set auto country or you can also set the country frequently visit your website. It can be checked on Google Analitycs. After clicking submit it will then appear advertisements that frequently appear on your website. From the ads that appear so we can check its CPC from its URL.

How do I check the CPC ads appearing on my site? Select one of the ads. Example, I chose the ad from Then you go here: submit url advertisers web you want to check, eg it will show the value of the CPC on the web:

See CPC column, which is approximately the value of clicks from ads that appear on your website from existing advertisers on your website. If you think the value is too small, you can put it in list of web advertisers ads block provided by Google AdSense filter.

Repeat these steps to check one by one the value of the ads that appear on your website. It works to me. Thankyou.

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