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Jumat, 21 November 2014

Read This, Adsense Anti Banned


Rule of Google Adsense
Online Business. I write this article not only for beginners in the field of Google Adsense business, but also for those who are already running the Google Adsense program for a long time, so it can serve as a reminder to continue to abide by the rules of Google Adsense and the furthest from banned.

It's important for you to know, that Google Adsense is very strict rules against users. If someone does not comply with the rules already mentioned Google, then the Adsense account can suddenly banned and blacklisted (blacklisted).

It's been quite a lot of bloggers around the world who Adsense account getting banned for a foul, while earning dollars in his account already very much. Finally, the income is forfeited and can not be disbursed because his account is disabled.

adsense rules

Here I write 9 latest Google Adsense rules must be obeyed by all the Adsense publishers:

1. Do not click your own Adsense ads

Most people who are just starting a business Adsense (beginner / newbie) often ignore this rule, they feel itchy and curious to click on Adsense ads on their own. Never do this!

Clicking on the Google Adsense ads on your own can be tracked by Google and is regarded as invalid clicks (invalid click activity) and can cause your Adsense account disabled. Google is so sophisticated that it can know where a click is coming.

2. Do not ask other people to click on your Adsense ads

Never tell others to click on the ads on your blog, because google is very sophisticated and can find out where the clicks are genuine and which clicks are fraudulent. So do not ever fool / cheating Google system.

3. Do not place advertising on inappropriate content

Google prohibits put Adsense ads on blogs with forbidden as pornographic content, the content of gambling, booze, violence, about pirated content (pirated software, pirated movies) and other illegal content.

4. Do not modify the AdSense ad code

Out there there are some Adsense publishers who commit fraud by changing or modifying the Adsense ad code in order to get more profits. Google does not allow this action, so try not to ever do so.

5. Follow the rules of Webmaster Guidelines

A lot of people who get a penalty from Google simply because they do not qualify blogs and Google Webmaster rule criteria. For more details you can read in the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

6. The site must be useful to other peoples
Website or blog posted Adsense ads should be able to provide benefits for others, do not create a blog which only just advertising but very little content. Provide was content / article that can be read by others.

7. Do not put too many ads

The number of AdSense ads that may be mounted on a blog are 3 pieces "ad unit", 3 pieces "link units", and 2 "Google search box". So if you wanna earn a lot of money from Adsense I advice do not put too much advertising, as visitors to the blog very averse to advertising.

8. Do not cheat the site
Do not outsmart the site, such as a navigation link disrupt or create a website design that makes dizziness visitors in order to get more clicks Adsense ads. Make it clear site design and relevant.

9. Do not make any SPAM
Do not spamming with the aim of getting more traffic, for example to spam in online forums to get a lot of visitors. Do promotional link in an ethical manner and not harm others.

10. Do not Be Afraid

Although the rules of Google Adsense looks very strict, but you should not be afraid. As long as you do not cheat, and you follow all of the the rules above, then I'm sure your adsense account will definitely safe from banned probability and of course you can earn a lot of dollars from the internet so you will not feel hunger anyway.