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Minggu, 23 November 2014

Re-register Adsense After Got Banned

Tips After The Banned. Is your adsense account disabled by Adsense? and Do you want to create a new AdSense account?, if you answer yes, then you should read this article properly.

Good afternoon my loyal reader of my blog, I've had a few days did not update this blog article because I am busy to re-apply a few months ago adsense deactivated by Adsense.

In accordance with the title of my article today, So this handsome man will give you tips for you all who want to re-apply again in Google Adssense. These tips are based on my understanding so far after repeatedly re-register on Google Adsense.

1. Computer
I command you, I mean recommend you that if you want to re-enroll in Adsense should use a different computer, laptop or notebook. because of some of the sources that I read almost all of them say such things. Google knows what device you access your account. If you dont have another PC or laptop so you are able to delete your cookies and cache in your device.

2. Blog
I recommend that you create a new blog to be used to register on Google Adsense. don't use your old blog to register again for safety. although there are some sources that I read that it could use the old blog to register.

Note: You can use your old blog to register adsense with different domain!
But there is also a saying that if you want to sign up with the old blog, the old blog should be changed once a new domain to be registered.

4. E-mail
This handsome guy recommend you to using the new e-mail to re-apply adsense, because your old e-mail could not be used. should use e-mail from a Google or Gmail.

5. Name
I recommend you to not register adsense account username with the previous name, replace it with the name of another person such as the name of parents or siblings.

That's a few tips to guide you to re-register on Google Adsense, this is my article today. I hope this article can be useful to the reader as well, if you want to comment on this article, just write in the comments box provided and do not forget to leave your blog address so I can visit back and leave a comment too. Look forward to continued beneficial other articles of mine that this handsome.