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Senin, 24 November 2014

PTP, Get Paid for Only Display Banner

Online Business. Paid To Promote.
It is one of the online business opportunities on the internet, only with a blog and put a banner on your blog or website then you will get a dollar for free. Is it great? Isn't it?

Is this a scam or not ?. This is not a scam, I believe this website reliable and proven to pay, not a scam site or hoax.

Okay my friends, so how do we get dollar after we have a blog or website? Let's follow the steps that I wrote especially for you.

Step by step get dollars by just put the banner:

1. You must have an paypal account.
please make your online account either via paypal or you can register directly at

2. Then please register HERE
Please note on the "Start make money: Choose one of the code into your site" there are three options of script that you can use and put it on your blog, only copy one of the code and attach it to your blog or in your widget.

3. After all you just need to increase visitors to your blog.

Consider the rule as follows:

1. Minimum the visitor opening your blog for 10 seconds.

2. Payment through via online account ( paypal ), with a minimum payout of 0.5 dollars.

3. Each visitor to your blog then you will get earn for $ o, oo1.
If you have good traffic, example; 10000 visitors per day then you will get earn $ 10 per day and even more if you have pretty good website traffic.

4. Each time you get a new referral then you will get a commission.

So, still enjoy to blogging and get your earnings from now on as well. easy and fun in the world of writing on the blog and website to have income online.
Good Luck!