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Jumat, 28 November 2014

Online Business Newbie Challenges

Internet Marketing. If you are a beginner in online business, you will definitely face some initial challenges in running your online business. At least this has been my experience in running an online business that is engaged in the "website creation services".

I wrote this article is based on my personal experience, but at least you can make as knowledge if you are determined to start an online business.

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I never opened the service of making all sorts of websites specifically made of bloggers. I chose blogger because I was very easy and I can get free bandwidth from google and sell to my clients.

When first I announce the online business on the internet, I immediately got a lot of customers from my own blog readers. Hundreds of dollars came into my account within a relatively short time because I know the right target, that is, people who did not know about the website but they have a hobby of writing and doing business on facebook.

I sell website blogger platform at a price of $ 5 to $ 100 dollars per-website. The price of each website I created variously as I adjust to the client's request. The more difficult the website that created it will be more expensive.

For the website "Blog Diary" with a beautiful design and cool, I gave the official price of 50 dollars per-website, and the website as it turned out to be most in demand in facebook. For the website "Online Store" I gave tag of 100 dollars per-website. In the post I provide tips and tricks how to manage the website for the complete beginner, there are about 50 posts a beginner's guide.

As for the buyer that comes with Adsense Website SEO Optimization, Keyword Adsense, Special Robots.txt, and a series of other optimizations, I sell it at a price of 500 dollars per-website. Especially for adsense website, I sell it along with Gmail account, because Optimization SEO is in webmaster tools on the gmail account.

In addition, for the buyer adsense website, I also gave him a Microsoft account to optimize a blog on Yahoo and Bing, as well as an Alexa account. So that traffic from the search engine 3 to be nice and quickly get a payout only in a relatively short time. In addition I also insert adsense tricks for beginners to play in order to match the master, because everything there is a way, and these ways depends on each master.

internet marketing, online business, make money, website creation services

As a seller of bloggers, then of course my job every day is to create a gmail account and blog as much, but it did bring up a separate problem, which I should have some mobile number (mobile). Google limits gmail account creation in every day, so if we create a gmail account that much in a day then google will request a verification code via HP. That we need to have some mobile number.

(I) Unfortunately, online business that actually has good prospects did not last long because of my own inability to serve the buyers, and finally my online business is closed. It turned out that I was not ready alias not able to face the next challenges that constantly arise during my run an online business.

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What are the challenges that you should prepare if it falls in the online business?

1. Mastering the Skill

First you have to be a real master of skills that you want to offer to the buyer. I bring you an example. If you want to sell a website, then you should be able to create a website which models are in accordance with the request of the buyer.

However, this is the first challenge and the easiest. Because before you announce your business website creation services, you certainly have to have expertise in website creation. This is actually less suitable to be included as a list of challenges, because this is the main tasks of your business. However, because there are only minor challenges for the creation of websites, then it is my first challenge and enter as the easiest.

2. Provide Online Support (customer service)

You will get a lot of phone calls, sms, email, facebook inbox, and you will receive messages from customers. The messages contents vary, anyone asks, there are sending money, no complaining, no broken website and ask you to repair, and assorted other issues you should answer and you completed as soon as possible.

If you put it off, then I guarantee your job will accumulate and eventually you will not be able to continue. Things like that forced me to quit the online business' Website Development Services "and finally I chose to focus on the business of Google Adsense.

The challenge number two is what I think is the most troublesome challenges and most of your time in the future, especially if you sell the website to the newbie who often they ask how to write a post on the blog. One again, the client is guaranteed every day newbie will ask constantly to you for at least 3 months until they truly understand the meaning of a blog. However, their most daring purchase your blog with a high price.

3. Other Challenges

Other challenges will emerge various, depending on what online business you run and how you run it. I can not mention one by one, so please you see yourself only if someday you have entered the online business.

What is the difference in results between adsense and website development services?

Depending on how you manage them both. But what I experienced, online business website creation services offer greater income than adsense, just that I was unable to implement because of time and effort.

However earn money through adsense easier, because you are not being chased by a task which accumulate as happened in the online business website creation services. Adsense, if you managed to penetrate Successful First Phase For Long-Term Trend (payout every month consistently), then it means you have to get a steady income flow every month just by working at home for 6 hours per day. Thankyou.