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Jumat, 28 November 2014

Online Article Seller Must Read This

If you are a writer or online content writer aka "online services article writers" and you are still a beginner, then you have to understand the buyer's request. Request of the buyer must taken seriously, because buyers spend money. They do not want you to make them disappointed.

If you can give good serve for a client, then he/she will make you a fixed subscription. For an online writer, a regular customer (buyer remains) will be better than 10 buyers but are not as subscribers. Because the buyer can still provide a steady income for you so.

So that buyers still want to subscribe with you, then you should be ready to give the favorable article for them. Why should they buy your article kept if the article you make can not make money. Is not that true?

Articles that are not profitable for example: articles written carelessly, duplicate articles, articles which are not in accordance with the niche buyer demand, and so on. If you sell such articles to the buyer, the buyer you are guaranteed to go and they will never come back. Furthermore, you will only get new buyers who may not regulars.

Why do I know? Since I was a buyer article and has repeatedly used the services of an online article that I know all sorts of services and quality of articles that they sell. If they can not serve requests me well, then I'll go and put it in the "blacklist". That is, I will never use their services again forever.

How do I write an article for the buyer?

Easy! You just follow their requests. For example, if the client has requested article plus images with niche Properties, try the following.

(I) Make sure you've got the source image of the "properties" on the internet. Please search on google some properties then please bookmarked the sites.

1. Open Microsoft Office Word, and then write the title of the post in accordance with the niche properties. Remember, "the title of the post" should you write first.

2. Upload the picture right below the title of the post.

3. Tell about the picture that you see on the microsoft office to write up to 100 words or 500 words, depending on how many requests "word / words" from your clients.

Done. Easy is not it?

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After that continue to write new posts on the sheet underneath it until there is a 15-20 total number of posts, then send it every day or every other day to your buyer in RAR format. Why should be packed in RAR format? Because that is not read by Google, so the authenticity of the article will keep maintained.

Online Business.

The article you sent will be checked for the authenticity by the buyer, and the source of your pictures on the internet will find by themselves to be used as the source image. You do not need to mention the source of the image, but enough write an original article and in accordance with the request of the buyer. Thankyou and sorry for my bad english.