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Jumat, 14 November 2014

Most Problems with adsense

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The majority of adsense publishers around the world would have experienced or are experiencing the following three problems. Well before becoming a publisher or when a publisher today.

Now the number of publishers worldwide reached more than 2 million people, and you are one of them. What you have had of course also been experienced by 2 million more publishers. But rarely do we realize that we have experienced things very difficult when you want to play or are playing adsense adsense.

Here are three issues that must have been experienced by more than 2 million publisher in the world. This article comes from my personal experience matched with the results of browsing the forums adsense foreign and domestic sites. As a result, 99% have in common.

1. Difficult Up Google Adsense
When first we want to be a publisher adsense threatened, we must have experienced how difficult to get approved by google adsense. Because we are competing with millions of potential publishers in the world who all want to be approved by Google. While google adsense team actually select blogs that deserve to be approved based on their TOS.

Although many blogs posted an easy way to register adsense, it just tips that may help you to be easily accepted by adsense alone. While getting approval from google adsense remains difficult. There are many months and even years to register a new finally managed to approve.

Not only that, even dozens of times to register with various models of the blog, with various types of articles, with a variety of tricks to register has been tried, they finally just got approved. Many prospective publishers to write articles that really fresh and original to her curly :) in hopes to get approval from google adsense.

Even the vendors who have advanced adsense services are also many who failed to get approval from google. Because Google constantly changing his review system with the aim to improve the safety and quality in the network adsense.

2. Difficulty Increase Traffic blog
After a successful adsense publisher with difficulty, finally we certainly face a second problem. That is how to raise your blog or website visitor traffic we used to serve ads adsense. Because if there are no visitors to the blog then no one will click on the ads. All publishers do not want to just have a degree as a publisher adsense alone but never received payment from adsense.

Because the second problem is that should they break traffic blog. They should be able to increase blog traffic to continue to comply with Google AdSense program policies. The publishers vying to figure out and implement tips tricks how to increase visitors to his blog each. All SEO methods have been tried. As a result, a lot of blog traffic is still rising :).

To the extent that many publishers are not diligently and finally use the shortcut that potentially violate program policies. For example, there are publishers who began diligently duplicates the articles belonging to other blogs, there are implementing SEO optimization is violated, and the worse one is using auto-generated content or AGC. That tap other people's articles through RSS feeds. All this is done because they are trying to find a lot of traffic. With the number of visitors that many will join many adsense income. So they thought to myself :).

However, if found any blogs that violate policy program, then google will take firm action to disable the site and even his adsense account. Furthermore, they will be returned to its origins as a regular blogger :).

3. The difficulty Optimizing Adsense Ads
After the traffic blog started bustling, adsense publishers began not accept a low CPC value. Finally all the tips, tricks adsense ad optimization tried. Thousands of low paying ads blocked and banned from his blog. They began stingy :). A variety of ad formats have been tried, but the results are less than satisfactory or could not last long.

Somebody tried to entrust the highest bidding ads in the blog that the blog owner does not have adsense account because never get approved :). They tried working with a way for the results of the count of 20:80. 20% result for adsense account owner and 80% to the owner of the site. But usually they both maintain the price of each, because they feel equally difficult to obtain adsense account and also difficult to obtain traffic blog. Finally canceled it. Better equally bite the finger, so they thought to myself :).

Every day in his mind there is only earnings and earnings. How do I increase adsense earnings, so that they always questioned. Originally blogging as a hobby, but after tasting all the sweetness of dollars from adsense, blogging eventually become binding job. In addition, they think that to get adsense account is very difficult, so it should be best utilized. So according to the personal experience of the owner of this blog :).

For publishers beginners who have never or rarely payout payout, they diligently share tips and tricks to maximize your Adsense earnings. But for the publisher who has been really successful, they begin to shut down and keep his blog. The important thing diligent updates and get paid every month from adsense, so they thought about :).

Adsense publisher is a profession that allows anyone indiscriminately could have long-term employment. No successful adsense publisher in a short time, but need time and hard work. Difficulties are common and the primary duty of a publisher in achieving success in adsense.

Adsense income is not restricted, the publisher can earn as much money depends on their creativity in optimizing a blog and adsense ads. If you still adhere to policies and programs continue to try and remain diligent in maximizing adsense income, then your chances of success may forward.