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Kamis, 13 November 2014

Increase blog traffic, Backlink Submiter

Alexa Rank has become one of the important things for bloggers in the world of cyberspace. Besides Google Page Rank which is envisioned by the bloggers in order to get the highest rank opposite alexa rank strived to be as low as possible.

Google is very difficult to predict, as evidenced by the continued change in the algorithm that they wear. Quality of blog most in priority by google and backlinks now become so in order to google logarithmic calculation in the assessment of a website in livelihood. But the logarithm is in use by traffic alexa just a blog, in other words Backlink still plays an important role in the assessment Alexa Ranking in providing a website. In other words, the more back links a blog then the traffic will be higher.

These tools will provide many backlinks to your blog from nearly 1900 public websites pass AUTO submitter. simply by entering the URL of your blog and select the number of sites that will be submitted, then this tool will run automatically. About the costs? calm the tool is Internet service.

Things that should be considered:

-This tool can not be run through the browser phone or other mobile phone browser application, Must be run via PC.

-Stable Internet connection is a must in order to avoid failure.

-The more sites that will submit your blog, the longer the time required. For example, if you submit it to the 1800's site then the time required was estimated at almost 1 hours. 

-Do not often use this tool if you do not want your blog get kicked by google due to alleged acts spamming. Remember, an excess that is not good. not because you want your blog visitors crowded but instead kicked by google so use it wisely.

I've been using all these tools about 2 months ago to submit it to the site in 1800, which at first I was a rank alexa blog about Three Million and Three Hundreds. It is also used fad. But slowly my blog alexa ranking dropped as well as the increasing number of visitors to my blog, although I rarely update this blog.

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One thing to note that this tool does not become a reference that your blog will get alexa rank high. As a true blogger should provide quality articles and comments that quality also, unwittingly little by little blog you will be in a better quality and better viewing by google.