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Senin, 24 November 2014

Increase Adsense Click With Responsive Ads & Templates

Good morning my awesome visitors of my blog wherever you access this funny blog. On this morning, This handsome man will discuss about how to increase the number of clicks on Google Adsense ads using Responsive template and the type of adsense ads.

As we have seen earlier that responsive template is a template that can adapt to the wide variety of screen size resolution, this is depending on what device you open the blog. For example, if your blog using responsive templates then your blog will be able opened on various screen sizes ranging from computer screen to the mobile screen.

Responsive template is also increasingly being used by people to their blogs, because according to my genious research, The most of the people who have smart phones that can access the Internet will more like surfing the internet using their mobile phone. Why..? because now the people want something that is practical and fast.

In one of my blog fairly crowded, crowded At the time, there are 28 people who opened the blog and about 71% of them using a mobile while only 29% are using a desktop or PC.

So what is the conclusion, the point is that today visitors are from cellular continuously increasing and this is a gold mine for blogs that join the Google Adsense, what if you use ad responsive whose function is not much different than responsive ads are ads can adjust the size of the templates and screen size.

I have proved this, before I use responsive templates and responsive ads, my adsense income was  between $ 0.5 - $ 1 per day only, and number of clicks less than 15 clicks per day. After I use templates and responsive advertising revenue between $ 1.5 I jumped - $ 2 per day, and even up to $ 2.5 - $ 3 if my blog is being crowded and the number of clicks can now achieve the 30 to 50 clicks per day.

So first my article on this occasion, I hope this article can be useful for visitors and readers.