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Kamis, 20 November 2014

How to start a laundry business

The New Job. How to start a laundry business? Yes, that business itself is very attractive. Laundry is a business that is popular these days, as more and more people who do not have time to wash their clothes for Various solid rushing every day. This gap can be utilized to start a laundry business, then, how to start a laundry business? 

This article will give you guidance on how to start a laundry business plus tips for your success.

Step 1 - Provision Room

Provide a small place with a flat roof. Why should a flat? You may not have a place for hanging clothes, and a flat roof is a good way to provide drying space. The room that there should not be large because the important thing is the service that you have. In fact, there is a laundry place that the room size is very small, perhaps only 2 × 4 meters. The important thing is that you have a clothes drying area.

Step 2 - Provision of equipment

Provide two washers, four baskets of clothes, two clothes board, perfuming clothes, basking, plus clothing plastic packing tools, electrical installation, and one or two storefronts for storing clothes. Enough with the equipment, you can start a laundry business with a hefty turnover.

One thing that should be noted is the quality of the equipment. Allocate your funds to purchase equipment that is not too much, but quality. Why should quality? Because not easily damaged even though used in such a high level of performance. Provide special washing machine, laundry, and ironing with a resistance that is destined for the laundry.

Step 3 - Selection of Place

Where is the exact location of the laundry? What is certain in urban areas. Urban communities are usually busy with work, do not have time to wash, even they do not have enough area for drying clothes. There are two locations best able to create your sales, ie residential complex area, and the campus area.

Campus area certainly does have a dorm, and choose the elite boarding because the occupant is usually the upper middle class. Thus, they tend to be reluctant to wash their own clothes and then prefer laundry services you provide.

Step 4 - Management of employees

You're just starting a business? do not rush to delegate your business. make employees as partners, and provide your time throughout the day to oversee the business and build engagement with them. with a good working relationship, then it will turn into a loyal employee and a valuable asset for the future of a business.

How many employees do you need? If laundry business that was built is not too large, then one or two employees will suffice. Also, do not hesitate to jump directly assist employees when you're starting a business, because it will strengthen the relationship and make you understand how business works.

Step 5 - The marketing system

Door to Door and spread pamphlets to the public are two ways you can drive traffic to your laundry. However, we make little difference to include messages between services directly to consumers' homes. So, put your phone number and a variety of other facility like BlackBerry pin, Whatsapp, Yahoo! Messenger or even as a way to contact you.

With a delivery service, consumers can be satisfied and know laundry services. Then, do not just promote your laundry services offline, but make a facebook and twitter account. The point? Of course, to obtain more consumers.

Hopefully these 5 steps how to start a laundry business above can inspire you. Good luck Buddy!