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Selasa, 25 November 2014

How to Put Ads Under Blog Article Post


Advertising is a method of a blogger for profit as a source of funds to support the needs of its Internet itself, but not a few of those whose lives have been relying on income from Adsense or advertising sites, for example just from my blogger friends are able to make their blogs as a land of living income.

But some of them are also many who only work blogging just a hobby just in case if we are really serious time in the field of blogging will definitely feel the results later. Indeed, not all bloggers who can benefit from the blogs that they would manage if it really meant it then we will find a satisfactory outcome

Not everyone can gain maximum benefit from the many bloggers who are already experienced but most of them do not understand also about the potential placement of AdSense ads that can make income becomes larger, ie with How to put Adsense in the right position That is usually above the blog article or under Title Blog Postings also under articles Blog Posts. For that I will here explain how advertising (Google Adsense) under the title of a blog post or on the blog article.

Consider the following steps:

1. Log in your Blogger Account.

2. Then go to Template seting >> Then click the Edit HTML button

3. In the template editor, please search code <data: post.body />, in order to search code fast, please press CTRL + F on your keyboard and copy the code and press enter.

4. Log in to your AdSense account and select the ads you want to instal, I recommend that you choose a responsive ads

5. After that please parse your ad code HERE (Parse function is to convert HTML into an XML format so that your ad script can be displayed in the template)
Note: Parse ad does not violate the TOS of adsense

5. In order to post ads appear below and parallel to the initial paragraph please paste the code below just above the code <data: post.body />:

<div style = "float: left">
       Put your already parse ad here
</ div>

6. Do not forget to replace the words 'Put your already parse ad here' with your adsense ad script code that you have already parse, and click save. the ad will appear in the bottom of the posting and parallel to the initial paragraph.

Please see the example in this blog

If you want to change the position of the ad from left to right you can change the code <div style = "float: left"> to <div style = "float: right">.

I hope the article How to Put Ads Under Blog Article Post will useful to you.
If there are not clear please feel free to comment. Thankyou.