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Kamis, 20 November 2014

How to Make an Online Store

online store
Online Marketing. Did you ever feel confused when you wanna create a website for selling something on the Internet? how to make it? What it looks like and How to get the visitors?
Creating a website for online sales should not be complicated in fact. It does not even have to follow the standard layout of existing websites online store now.

You can use a simple layout design for the beginning

I have an experience making simple online store using WordPress platform, I had a special design so the people who are interested then wanna buy the products can immediately fill the order and payment form or contact me via SMS / phone call and email.

A simple online store.
The concept is simply to use landing page or called squeeze page, It's a page which added the order form on the right side ( right sidebar ), and then also add the contact info to facilitate people who need to contact the saler. For this model, I often termed the spring models online store.

For this online store website creation, with 10 items has actually been pretty good product. Furthermore, can be added along with increasing the product.

Regarding the form layout or structure to its website, among others, can be set up as follows:

-The front page of "Home", can be filled with a "squeeze page" or introduction page and background about to use your products.

-The page "About Us", could be filled with a brief profile of your business.

-Page "Products", You can fill it with product photos and descriptions, accompanied by the order form.

-Page "Blog", you can fill it with articles relating to products or activities around the business.

-Page "How to Order", is an instructions page on how to order the products, including the method of payment.

-Page "Contacts", it's filled with the address, Phone number that can be reached by customer, and a contact form.

-DOnt forget to add"Privacy Policy" page to tell your customer about your web policies and Term of your service.

Then, how about a full online store?
If you want a more complete and full, you can also use the online shop WordPress plugins that are already widely available. In the plugin, you can add features of  product catalog, payment form, shopping cart and so on. You can also use WordPress themes which support online store especially.
If you need help to create an online store, please contact me.

Thankyou. Good luck for Online Business.