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Minggu, 16 November 2014

How to make a Famous Blog just Like this Blog

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You have a blog. But your blog is not well known and do not know how to popularize your blog just like me? Let's read this damn following article on 10 Ways How To Become The Famous Blog like this Blog.

1. Create links to another blog. 
Especially to high traffic blogs and has the same topic with your blog.
2. Be the first to comment. 
Do this especially in the blog that many visitors. Because your comments will certainly be read by other visitors. If your comment interesting, they definitely go directly to your blog.

3. Give them a bait to comment.

4. Commenting on establishing relationships. 
Do not always comment just for the sake of any business. But talk like a conversation between people. Ask how they are, what are busy, or will she become your wife or you can share your stories about your miserable life that you have just experienced. Comments are natural and full of friendship like a chat between friends can strengthen the fabric of relationships.

5. Allow trackbacks and links on where to comment. 
One reason bloggers in the comments are in order to build a network link. Fill their desires, do not ignore. In other case, give them some money to buy bread is a good thing.

6. Create the reviews on other blogs. 
Those peoples you create about their blog review would be very happy. Yes, supposing you have not told the blog content to your visitors. Blogs that you created the review of at least they certainly will visit your blog. If they are crazy enough, they will buy your blog

7. Answer the comments
Have a blog means you have to want to interact with other blogs. If you just want to alienate yourself with blogging in cyberspace, the undo your intention. So do not let their comments ignored.

8. Make an article that is always in demand
That is, that is not perishable and forgotten. But that is always needed people until whenever. You can write very unique article, Ie: Why The alien wont talk to us, or How to take money from obama's pocket etc.

9. Maintain good relations with other blogs. 
Particularly with blogs that contribute flow of traffic to your blog. Alias from there one source more visitors to your blog.

10. Enter their posts to social media. 
This is another way that you can do to strengthen the relationship. They must be extremely very happy when they know you helped spread their useless blog posts to social media.