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Rabu, 26 November 2014

How to Make Credit Card For Free

Credit card is one of the important thing of payment you must-have, especially for internet marketers, because almost all the existing online payment currently only accept payments from credit cards.

Although there are other means of payment that is more practical than a credit card such as PayPal, but as I said above, where some of the great sites on the Internet are now only provide payment via credit card only.

Actually you could make credit cards Visa / MasterCard through banks. But the problem is, in making the credit card is Not Free alias need money, but it takes too difficult conditions.

But you do not need to worry, because in this article I will tell you about How to Make a MasterCard Online for Free, and requirements that must be met is also very easy, all you need is only:

-ID card or driver's license

So there are no other requirements such as salary or age. Because as I said above, all you need is ID card and another one is Valid Email.

If you require the requirements already, then the next you will enter on how to make an online MasterCard. And here you will use Payoneer services, manufacturing services for MasterCard.

1. Please visit the official web address in

Wait a minute until the front page / homepage Payoneer to open perfectly, if it please you are looking for and click the 'Sign Up'.

2. Enter your personal data valid

This is phase 1 of a 4 stage you are going through, in which the first stage we are required to fill out the Personal Details or complete information about yourself detail, which includes are:

First Name
Last Name
email Address
Date of Birth

After you fill out all fields completed, then please click on the Next button to continue with the registration MasterCard towards stage 2.

3. Enter your detailed contact information

This is the most important stage in which at this stage that determines whether MasterCard will be successful or not, so make sure you fill out the contact information correctly.

Street Address

Again make sure that the data you enter is valid and there is nothing wrong, and if you are sure that the data you enter is correct, then please fill out the registration by clicking Next.

4. Enter strong security detail

In this third phase, you will be obliged to fill in the password and security question. The password function I'm sure you all already know, while the function of the question here is to secure the security of your account, so you could say this is the second layer of security that will keep your Payoneer account in order to remain safe, although there may be other people who know the password.

In the Password field please Fill in your password, and the password is entered must contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

Then choose a security question and do not forget to enter the same answer to the security question. If all the fields have been filled, then please click on the Next button to go to the final stage of manufacture of Online Credit Card MasterCard.

5. Enter nationality based on ID Card

At the last stage of manufacture Online MasterCard, you will be required to fill out personal information in accordance with the citizenship ID card / driving license or passport.

National ID = ID card
Driver's License

Please choose which suit your like, because Payoneer provides three 3-way / option to confirm your citizenship.

Next, please enter the ID number in the column National ID # and change the Country of Issue into your citizenship, and tick the checkbox approval. And end Payoneer registration by clicking Finish.

Done already manufacture MasterCard Credit Card Online at Payoneer. After this step you just have to wait and see if our request will be accepted or rejected, this review process takes approximately 1x24 hours, so often just to check your email, and if in the end demand for the manufacture of your credit card application is accepted, it is to be home you will take approximately 1-2 months.

As information only, that the MasterCard Credit Card that you created in this Payoneer using debit system, so it is not a credit card that can be used without a balance, because you will use Payoneer MasterCard the same as using a debit card (atm), so you must fill the balance first and then use it for online transactions. Thankyou