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Kamis, 20 November 2014

Get Money from Writing Articles

Online Business. Do you like writing? Or often write about your life experience such things, or a small diary in your days? You may have to slightly alter the pattern of writing into business opportunities small capital but big profit. From a simple writing skills, you can bring hundreds of dollars every month on a regular basis. The link between writing and business, today is a big issue, and one way is to open berbsinis through writing article writing services.

What is article writing services?

This is a service that offers the manufacture of articles for blogs and websites. Who will buy? The bloggers! and internet marketing practitioner. They have website with more than one or even dozens. More and more websites are there of course, the money generated will be even greater. Making a website in a rather large amount of demanding manufacturing of articles that are so abundant. In one website alone, they should have at least 300 more articles. Imagine, when there are dozens of websites that are managed, would be very inconvenient not?

Discover your creative business idea here and offer services to a wide range of writing their blogs. How to start a service business writing this article? Let us refer to with the following explanation.

Know in advance how to make it

You do not need the ability to produce such a great fantastic article. Enough with the simple copywriting skills, you are able to change the article into money. In the first stage, for example learning, try to find an article about the "solution against hunger".

Read the article a paragraph, and then write in your own language. continue these activities until the article you write has been completed. Is it just like that? Yes, and it's easy isn't?

One important thing to note is the absence of elements of plagiarism in the article. so, you should not take the origin of the phrase then put it without re-written first. Why is that? Because a website can be exposed to severe sanctions such as discarded, and no longer in the list of search engines.

Article writing service pricing

To break through the competition, you should not set the price too high, because you will have difficulty in obtaining the consumer. Normal rates on article writing service is 2-3 dollars for every 100 words articles english.

How about marketing article writing services

How marketing is quite easy and you do not necessarily need a long time to acquire customers. Initially, many to join a group of bloggers who are on facebook. Then promote your article writing services, polished and in accordance with the rules of the group. You will be exposed to the promotion of the rule of "promo" and usually only allowed on Saturdays and Sundays aka the weekend.

In addition to promotion via facebook, you can also market this article writing services through internet marketing as Ads-Id.Com group. where many internet marketers and bloggers who became a permanent member. And actually there are so many website offer you to sale your articles to them with high price.

Quick tips article to satart writing service business

-Be friendly.
-Do not hesitate to give consumers a discount when ordering the article so much.
-Perform work in a timely manner and not have to always be fast.
-You could be overwhelmed, because this article writing service is so needed. So, do not force yourself to do it all. You better start hiring someone.

Article writing service could practically be business without capital because you only need a simple internet and computers. How to? Interested in how to start an article writing service business?