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Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Get Money from URL Shortener

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Online Business. I am so sorry for my bad english, but this time I'm gonna tell you another way to get money from internet. The world of the Internet is almost the same as the real world, because the perpetrators cyberspace also real people, Only the difference in the virtual world can be the A, B, C and so on, while it is impossible in the real world do, although as well as business, you can also work in the virtual world or the experts refer to as an online business, well since this blog topic around the online business in this post I will introduce to you with a free online business where you will get coins to hundreds of dollars in a week or even a nice day it's the origin of your traffic is not impossible you get, once again before I introduce online business I mean, I'm sorry because I created this article is not for teaching you because me my self still learning with an online business to fight hunger.

The online business that I want to introduce to you is url shortener, who do not know what is url shortener, It means the site to shorten the link or url shortening, for example if you have this url then your link can be shorten like, that's a little explanation to shorten the url, then how can you get paid for shorten your links? The explanation is simple, if a visitor to visit the url that you have a short or shorten urls then sites shorten with the ads will appear in a few seconds to visitors or visitors who click on your url, then url shorten will collect dollars on your dashboard later if it has been collected at least $ 5 you can pull or withdraw the income you get from your url shortener, then from where a website shorten url earn money to pay you? Actually it's just shorten url means to facilitate each other publisher and advertiser, the advertiser pays to shorten urls and shorten url not pay your fair enough, then if still not understand advertising and publishing in the future I will discuss in this blog remain faithful visited.
If the explanation of the above in the sense of writing is complete it is time now I introduce shorten urls on some websites that pay you should try and be consistent if you want to get these hundreds of dollars per day without the need for investment. Okay let's start with my bad english LOL.

1. I suggest the first rank is, because has proved many years paying members with features very fast withdrawal is maximal 24 hours you have entered the account income online you use, minimal withdraw or pull funds from here is $ 5 payment can you accept to paypal or Payoneer and I myself have often paid by this site.

In addition, if there are members who sign up through the link you shorten then automatically he/she will tobe your referral and if you start to generate referral then 20% will be for your commission and the commission given by adfly refereal alias instead of your income is cut, so do not be afraid to be referral someone because you are free to ask the same of your upline if they do not understand.

2. Occupy rating to two I gave to linkbucks, why do I chose linbucks than others to be in the second choice, EGH one to two choices for themselves linbucks second fastest paying of adfly, as for how it works is quite simple as well adfly but here the difference you can withdraw funds from the dashboard there if you've collected earning as much as $ 10 and support to payment to payPal, Payza and Payoneer.

If you are interested in earning dollars from this site, please register here as for the commission as well as adfly referal about 20%.

3. Fot the third of my place here is Shorte. This little explanation about Shorte I quoted from the site. At the heart of Europe team of young Internet enthusiasts come together to create a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. You have made a link shortener connected with advertising networks so now you get paid when you shorten links and make someone clicks on it. An easy way to earn extra money. The fastest payment to three and you can also withdraw your funds after collected $ 5 to paypal and Payoneer, while the commission to referral same as the previous url shorten 20%.

4. Ranked Into fourth occupied is adfoc, adfoc own some peoples say scam because of pay per visit link highest in appeal over so many people think so yes, but I myself have paid although a bit late because here we can not attract income offhand no specific date to draw revenue from adfoc, thus apart from the rest is quite good. The commission of referral remains the same as the average 20%.

5. Ranked Fifth in occupied ole cashfly. why do I chose cashfly as ranked fifth or last because most late payment if you reach payout in May then you will be paid in July, aka the new month in pay and for the moment I am still waiting for the payment of cashfly whether it really pays to be a scam or whether I uploaded the screenshot if proven to pay, but if you are curious you can register here.

Now that's some url shortening Pay that you should to know ir you will regret.