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Jumat, 14 November 2014

Dangerous Spam potentially could banned by adsense

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Google proactively monitor blogs that show adsense ads. The higher the traffic a blog then google will increasingly serious oversee the blog. If the site you fail to comply with program policies, then our site will be banned.

Banned Adsense permanent majority. If your blog has the highest bidding then banned, then we would really lose all. Hard work disappear in a day for a year.

Cause a lot of banned blogs, friends can read about Mistakes Most Often Causes Banned Adsense Publisher. However, there is one more cause banned blogs that we seldom realize, that comment spam.

As described by google, comments are part of the content. The publishers are responsible for ensuring that there are no comments that violate adsense program policies. If no comments are detected violate adsense program policies, then as a consequence the site or adsense account will be disabled. Or lightest is the publisher will be given a warning letter alias warning first, and if you ignore the warning google it will be rewarded banned.

The examples of many comments that can potentially harm your website/blog:

1. Comments are not safe for families

Comments are not safe for families include comments containing elements of pornography, adult drugs, gambling, insulting, cigarette trafficking, illicit drugs, profanity, racist, invective, sarcastic and so on. Comments like those types do not permitted stop on your blog.

2. Comments leave a link

Comments are leaving active links or dead links is very dangerous for the safety of your blog. Why? Such links may lead to sites that violate adsense TOS. Now these sites have not been violated, but it could be someday they violate adsense program policies, while they never terpaste link in the comment column of our blog.

Then one day we knew blog will be banned because there is a link in the comments field that leads to forbidden sites according to the adsense program policies.

3. Blogger profile or Google+ profile with violation

Google has a policy to create a profile name and profile blogger google +, but sometimes there are people who use the brand name drugs as adults their profile name in google + bloggers and on.

So do not let the names of such profiles to comment on your blog, but allow only the names of any reasonable profile to comment on your blog, for example: the school name, person's name and etc. Do not allow the use of the profile name brands adult medicine and the like.

Well, if they use illegal drugs profile name and comment on your blog, it can be considered to violate the profile name of the adsense program policies. In addition, if the profile user clicked it will direct users to websites that they manage forbidden.

If you delete comments that violate the profile belongs, it will simply disappear from your sight alone. While for others, the profile still appear in the comments field of your blog with the caption or words,  if your blog with blogger platform. "This comment has been removed by the author".

What's the solution?

Turn on comment moderation. That's it! Do not give an opportunity for comments that violate or infringe profile name to appear in the comment section of your blog. Because the profile name in violation of the already appear in the comments field will not be lost even if you have deleted from the comment section or on the dashboard bloggers. But if your blog using the wordpress platform, all the spam comments can be wiped clean.