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Selasa, 25 November 2014

Backlink vs Badlink? Must Read!

Not real SEO practitioners who do not know what the meaning of Backlink, because basically backlinks are one of the most important indicators in SEO. Although Backlink referred to as the most important indicator, but it needs to be underlined that the backlinks are not the only indicator in SEO, so there are many other indicators used by Google to determine the ranking of a website / blog, or it is commonly referred to as Ranking Factor, and the number is reaching 200 pieces.

As a newbie / novice, honestly, I was very confused and difficult to understand for two hundred Google's Ranking These factors, in addition to the amount that is too much, other factors also because the language used is Java language English.

After I thought and asked to find the data in google, finally I can understand Google's Ranking Factor 200, and make conclusions from these data, which I will share is exclusive to visitors of my blog.

1.domain Factors
2. Page Level Factors
3. Site Level Factors
4. backlink Factors
5. user Interaction
6. Social Algorithm Rules
7. social Signals
8. Brands Signals
9. On-Site Webspam Factor
10. Off-Page Webspam Factor

From 200 so I brief to 10 pieces, it is very unusual is not it?

It should be noted that in the article I will not explain in depth about the tenth Factor / Signal, because according to the title that I wrote above, this lesson is only focused on backlinks, so just point number 4 / Backlink Factors, who would I describe here, while for the other points I will discuss in another article as well.

Several types of backlinks, among others:

a. Linking Domain Age

Quality backlinks that come from domains that are already old. This means that the domain is older the better / quality backlinks we get.

b. Authoriy Of Linking Domains

It is common knowledge, that 10 links from 10 sites with high Authority (PA / DA) will be much better than 1000 links from site had lower Authority.

c. Separate the C-Class IP

The short explanation is try to find backlinks from sites that have a different IP Hosting, so it is a Qualified Backlink backlink derived from the C-Class IP varied. What is the C-Class IP? please googling.

d. Backlink Anchor Text

Most of us would often plant backlink url naked manner, so only links course, but it would be much better if we use the anchor text, an explanation of the anchor text can you can look it up on google.

e. Link From .edu or .gov domains

Looks like I dont need to explain again about how  awesome backlinks from sites with .edi and .gov domains. Because we can be sure Authority of both these domains is very high in the eyes of Google.

Actually there are many other types that are also quality backlinks for SEO Blog, but for some reason I decided to finish this article, and it is possible I will update later on, so do not hesitate to drop back in this article.

To assist / facilitate you in understanding the sense of what it Backlink, then I made a small summary about backlinks. Check this below;

-One Way Backlinks

Backlink which only leads to a web page without any reciprocal called One Way Backlink.

-Site Wide Links

Backlinks are located in the footer, header, sidebar called Site Wide Link.

-Anchor Text Link

Backlink the form of keywords or keyword targeted called Anchor Text Link.

-Internal links

Backlinks from blog page itself is called the Internal Link.

-Link Juice

Backlinks that have good quality and able to improve the ranking blog is Link Juice

-Unnatural Inbound links

Backlinks are obtained by means of spam, will be penalized from google called Unnatural Inbound Links.

-Bad Link

Backlinks to rank our blog down called Bad Link. So better check your blog or your website from badlink before too late.

And, as promised me that I would share the above infographic about Backlink Factor. Right away, you simply observe and understand.

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