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Minggu, 09 November 2014

Adsense hates Affiliates Program?

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Google's dominance in the Internet business is undeniable. Many affiliate marketers made restless by Google because many of the sites that offer affiliate link kicked out of the Google search engine, so that the affiliater not get anything from their efforts.

In the eyes of Google, affiliate websites only considered wind neglected because they use a pattern, and the tool the same way from time to time without any improvisation at all, so it is considered not provide useful information at all, no more just a tool Online Business promotion them. So the answer to your question about is Google hates affiliate links / programs, the answer is YES! Why is that?

Many of the owners of affiliate websites using Google Adwords advertising to offer their affiliate program. With Adwords ad spots are limited, it makes over a request for keyword advertising affiliate. Therefore, Google developed a program that can recognize affiliate ads with the same keywords or repetitive to be ignored and not displayed on Adwords ads.

Affiliate Website After Google Panda
Panda is a series of Google's search algorithm update that is designed to distinguish high-quality sites with low quality sites, with the primary goal of providing users with content that is most relevant and useful to their search queries. Simply put, if the affiliate website does not give value to users in their websites, Panda will work to get rid of those sites that are not useful to users of the search engine.

How do you know that a downgrade is not the effect of the other Panda? Simple, if there's an update algorithms both minor and major Google through webspam team always provide good information through social networks, or the official website of Google about the updates. Therefore, immediately check and rank and traffic analysis of your site.

How do I cope with Google Panda?
Many affiliate website run by small teams or individuals that do not have quality content and low bandwidth. For that, do a simple change consistently associated with the following common problems:

Duplicate Content
Duplication of content so hated by the Google Panda. This is usually done by affiliater that take content directly from their affiliate sites. Therefore, to avoid this sort, edit the content, correct grammar and make sure that the content you pass Copyscape.

Poor content
In accordance with its objectives, "made only for affiliate sites". The marketers have always wanted to get keutungan of what they earn is to create a website with the aim of affiliate sites with no useful content. It is clear that Google considers such sites are not valuable for search engine users, so removed and ignored by Panda. Therefore, in addition to your affiliate offer, always helpful and fresh article updates that Google Panda paying particular attention to your site.

High Bounce Rate and Poor Content
When users visit your site and then choose to suppress tomol "back" or even a direct hit "close". This is one indicator that Google will assume your site is not relevant to the search results.

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Therefore, to provide useful information to your website is very important penggunjung. The lower the bounce rate and the higher pageview will provide added value to your site in the eyes of Google.

Blocking by User
Once again that "content is still the king". If your site appears in the Google search list and a large number of users choose the option to block your site, it will have a negative impact on the ratings. On the other hand, if the user shows interest in your site by pressing the +1 button, this is a good sign that your site is useful and interesting. This means that the social networking site Google Plus managed very important.

Total Space Ad
While Panda is intended to exclude sites that quality is not very numerous, Panda also offers a great opportunity for affiliate sites with a clear value proposition between useful content and offers.

So, my conclusion on the question What is Google hates affiliate links / programs are as follows:

Google does not completely hate the affiliate website.
Google Panda is not devoted to crack down on affiliate sites.
Google Panda is very hate sites with poor content or useless.

Affiliate site still has the opportunity to grow as long as they are different than most, because in general affiliate sites have been marked and identified. To that end, put forward the user experience by providing useful content is the solution