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Rabu, 26 November 2014

7 High Paying Keyword with High CPC


Now I will share a list or collection of the Best Niche Blog of Google Adsense and of course I will share this about HPK (High Paying Keywords) Google Adsense.

Not many Blog Niche which I will share here, because it only has 7 Niche Blogs. And the seventh Niche are:


insurance still remains a niche that occupies the first position as the highest paid keywords, even I've heard of a single click (cpc) capable of reaching $ 50, has established a lasting HPK Insurance as Google Adsense. However. course with a variety of conditions, such as the visitor must come from the premium state such Canada or US and other considerations.

Niche or Insurance Keyword is not really the right choice to be taken, because of what? because competition can be very unreasonable to be defeated, the old blog with very high pa / da is dominate google page one, it would be very difficult for you to conquer. But that does not mean it can not works. It ttill has a chance, but you have to be smart to compose the title with keywords related to Insurance but has low competition.

Best Niche Insurance Blog

For example, maybe you can create an article with the title below:

New Life Insurance Investment Advisor
Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales

Please be developed again by your self, according to your creativity, and do not forget to take into account the number of searches each month.


Loans, is the key word with the second highest paid after Insurance.

If you are an expert in terms of savings and loans, then Niche this one is worth a try, because the competition is not as high as Insurance, but it is also the number of keyword search is quite a lot, considering all the people would need money.


Niche on this one I think is not so popular, in the sense that not many bloggers who discuss this keyword to be written into the article as well as to serve as Niche Blog.

Although search and competition is quite low, but the CPC or Value Click on this niche quite high.


For me this niche is very strange, and I think you are also felt that way. It certainly can be utilized, because not many people know about this niche, then it means a great opportunity for you to be successful making Niche blog Attorney because competition is not too much even arguably a bit.


Credit niche as similar to the Loans so you can combine the two in a single niche blog. That means there will be more articles that you can make, and the good news, the income is usually directly proportional to the large number of articles.


lawyers are also included in the Top 7 Niche Blogs with high pay from Google Adsense. However you should be careful when choosing to use this laywer Niche, because if you search on google with keywords Lawyer then the result will be so many.

Best Niche Blog Lawyer

It is clear there are more than 84 million results, it means that this falls in the Niche Niche or Keywords with a high level of competition.


Finally and most widely used by Blogger is the Niche Software. Software prices are on average over dollars, make a lot of advertisers who did not hesitate to spend their money to advertise their products or artificial Software.

While 7 Niche Blog was used to what I can tell, if not being hungry, I will try to update the list of the Seven Niche belonging to Google Adsense PPC above. But if you can not wait, please googling, I am sure there are many Niche Blog Google Adsense best to play already distributed the blogger out there. Thankyou.