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Selasa, 25 November 2014

5 Types of Best Freelance Job

Online Business. Freelance work is not bound by a contract in the long term. Easily, understanding this freelance work you can be compared as a freelance worker (free), since freelancers can work anywhere and anytime, without having to follow the formalities that exist in offices. Freelance work is also not much different from the Working Part Time because both can be done in spare time.

As so free, a freelance can work whenever and wherever they want, so if you want to work at 8 am is okay, or if you're not in the mood to work evenings, the position of the work is also free, like in the dining room, living room, on the terrace home also could not be there that prohibits.

Already know how good the finished Freelancer? however, was not all that good freelance work, there are some that would make you feel depressed because of the work piling up plus deadline (deadline) short, for that in this article I have prepared 7 Best Freelance Job with relatively high salaries for current size, ideal for students who want to find extra money.

This article contains a complete guide on how to start an online business for beginners just to capitalize Laptop and Internet Packages.


Being a freelancer in the field of photography is the right choice for you who love the beauty and freedom, because by working as a freelance photographer, indirectly you will learn to hone creative talent.

Photographers do not have to work for a company / certain media, because now many emerging photographers Street Style is a professional photographer who works for himself or in other words, he took a picture just for personal use as posted on the blog, create a portfolio or sell it in online sites that exist on the Internet.

Salary or payment of a worker Photographers also not kidding, because for once the shooting could pocket an average of $ 100 - $ 150 for a beginner class and more than $ 200 for the professional class.


First fashion or work clothes from local fashion designers have not been able to compete with the brand outside, as if deify product / brand from abroad. That was then, and now everything is different, because if you pay a visit to the Level One in PI or Brightspot Goods market and have achieved good progress.

A distinct advantage for designers Indonesia, particularly in the field of fashion. So if you want to work freelance as a fashion designer it is guaranteed to live with decent and sufficient you can get easily.

However, please note that the capital needed to become a fashion designer was not a bit, which should hire shop, pay the cost of production and the cost of advertising fashion design you create.


From a hobby into a job, that is reflected from freelance work in the field of graphic design. If you really like the design, the design of any kind, be it clothes motif, logo or maybe web design, then work as a freelance graphic designer worth for you to try, because when viewed from the prospect, online job by being very very good graphic design.

Not to be confused to think of a place to sell works that you create, because the Internet has provided a lot of sites that can be used to sell the work. For instance, you can try the following sites:


And still other online sites, essentially we will be paid to every person who download photos / drawings, so the size of the payment / salary that we can depend on the number of downloads in the photos / images.


Online Finance. With expertise in progamming, then there are two lines of work opportunities that you may run, the first is to establish an IT company and the second being a freelance progammer, or you also may be a freelance progammer while planning to set up their own IT Integration.

Already there are many success stories of a freelance progammer, for example, is Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), from a frellance now a millionaire, but it is also MarkZuckerberg (Facebook founder) who decides to drop out of Harvard University and chose to become a Freelance Programmer and finally now become one of the richest man on the planet.

To be a programmer, you can begin by making an application, both for iOS and Android, then plug the application in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), and so many who download the application please you promote through social media .


Contet Writer or Author Content is one of the promising freelance work this time, the article obtained payment of becoming a content writer is very high, just imagine for the number of English language articles 400-500 words will be appreciated 2-50 dollars, and if the 20 articles a day can make it, then in a month can get a net gain between 4-6 hundred dollars, and it can all be done without capital (for no laptop + wifi).

How to start working freelance article writer can actually be done by anyone, as long as the diligent and tenacious, because we can easily get the reference of the article / content we write through the internet, just type a keyword corresponding article we wrote on Google, it would appear hundreds or even thousands of other articles that you can make reference to summarized and rewritten with your style.

Such as coffee, working as a freelance is not always sweet, sometimes you also have to set a deadline, if not smart in the dividing of time. In essence, any type of freelance work you take, be it designer, programmer, or whatever it is, try to be professional, because your salary completely determined by expertise (skills) and not of diploma / degree row in your name.