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Kamis, 27 November 2014

4 Factors on Why You Only Got $ 5 a month from Google Adsense?


Online Business. This time I will discuss about adsense earning again based from my experience, so I hope you will learn from my mistake. 

Google Adsense is a program cost per click (CPC) are the most popular. Not surprisingly, sooner or later, many bloggers love it. Many out there who managed to earn thousands of dollars per month, but many to who do not succeed.

I put Google Adsense ad on my blog that I have had since July in this year. Revenue over time (all time) today only $ 5.46. In other words, I only make $ 1 per month. The following four factors are causes:

According to Darren Rowse, income from Google Adsense follow the following equation:

Adsense Income = Total Traffic + Ad Price + Relevancy Ad + Design + Position and Advertising

Online Business.

Based on the above equation, I analyzed my adsense are:

1. Total Traffic
Generally known that visitors from the search engines is quality visitors because they find the desired information so that the opportunity click on ads is greater than the other visitors. Logically, the greater visitor means the greater the chances clicked on the ad.

Therefore, I was focused search for visitors from search engines. Unfortunately, the number of my page views per month around the 300. In other words, a day only 10 page views.

With the amount of traffic like that, of course, the income I earn too little. Why so little traffic? At least the following matters affecting:

Total posts slightly. Since made a few months ago, I came to this blog only has 35 posts (10 posts per month). This is certainly an impact on the least number of posts indexed in Google.

I never learn about keyword research. I just write what I think will be much sought after, but it is useless than optimal way. Need keyword research to see what keywords are searched.

2. Advertising Rates
Price is the price-per-click ads on relevant ads (cost per click / CPC). Not all ads have the same CPC. There are ads that CPC is so high (eg credit cards, mortgages, golf, and loans), while there is also the CPC was small.
I took the keyword ads with CPC $ 1-3 with consideration of the number of competitors is not much air-CPC keywords is high. Therefore, a low CPC and low traffic, the income was low.

3. Relevance of Ad
I observe adsense ads that appear on my blog. Apparently a lot of ads that are not relevant to the content of the blog. As a result, the ad will be little chance clicked by visitors. It may be necessary to filter ads by using the tools that I am studying.

4. Position and Advertising Design
The position of strategic advertising will be easily seen that the greater the chances of a visitor clicked. The result will make Click Through Rate (CTR) will high.
So far I only rely on the position and design (size and color ad) provided the theme that I use. Surely this must be evaluated so that the position and design of advertisements which provide a high CTR.
That factors that make me just to earn a little bit of Google Adsense. What about you? Do you already managed to gain money with Adsense? If yes, please share experience under so I and other friends got enlightenment. So you have read this article then learn from my mistake! that's it buddy.