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Selasa, 25 November 2014

32 Reasons on Why Your Adsense Account got Banned

As discussed in the previous article how to apply google adsense and google adsense tips, google adsense is still an excellent advertising program for bloggers. Many bloggers want to be a partner of google adsense, but getting the google adsense approved increasingly stringent regulations. Besides the famous google adsense, adsense will not tolerance in terms of regulation violation, only a few mistakes or violate the regulations of google adsense the blogger will immediately banned (closing the account).

Although now to sign up for google adsense increasingly difficult and increasingly stringent regulations, but still many site owners or bloggers want to be partners because google adsense income (payment) from google adsense is lucrative. Many bloggers make google adsense as the main source of their income. So that you can taste the sweet money income from google adsense following tips on how to avoid banned google adsense:

1. Learn the TOS or regulations given google adsense then obey all the rules

2. Never, ever click your own adsense ads on your site, even if just to test the ads running well or not. If you do not accidentally click on ads adsense team immediately tell if you have clicked on an ad by mistake.

3. Do not change or modify google adsense ads script.

4. Do not make more than one adsense account, one adsense account can be used for many websites or blogs.

5. Machine of google adsense known to be very sophisticated, do occasionally anticipate advertising by using scripts, software, bots, and the like to perform automatic clicks.

6. Do not follow the program click on the farm or create a group of publishers (publishers advertising, adsense account owner) to alternately click on ads.

7. Consider the source site traffic, avoid and prevent backlinks from banned websites, avoid using redirect url from another site, try to get as many organic visitors (visitors from the search engines).

8. Do not use the software, scripts or bots to improve the site impressions (the number of pageviews site).

9. Do not use the software, scripts or bots to manipulate traffic in order to get un-targetted visitors. Don't do it even only single try, for example, use a script that blog visitors seemed to come from Canada or US State

10. Do not put adsense ads on pages with no content, such as the admin contact page, registration page, the page privacy police, about, contact etc.

11. Do not install any other contextual advertising, such as ads from media.net

12. Do not distribute screenshots (pictures) CTR, the number of impressions, etc. in your adsense account. However, for a total income that is allowed.

13. Answer immediately if you get an email from adsense team.

14. Do not install google adsense ads script on sites banned or low-quality sites, such as adult sites, violence, gambling, etc.

15. Do not install script google adsense ads on automatically sites, for example in an auto-blog site or (auto-generated content).

16. Do not use words to gain visitor clicks on adsense ads.

17. A maximum of one site has 3 ad units, 2 ad links, and 2 form search.

18. Do not put adsense ads near or adjacent to the image.

19. Do not put adsense ads in pop unders, pop ups, etc. iframe script. Put ads only on a web page or blog.

20. Do not put the ad on email.

21. Website or blog that has an adsense ad should have a privacy policy page.

22. Do not use as an alternative adsense ads, for example, although the ads from Chitika can be juxtaposed with google adsense ads but do not make google adsense ads as a replacement for the current ads of Chitika ads are not appearing.

23. Avoid using excessive keywords in the content.

24. Do not let the title of the ad.

25. Do not place Google Adsense ads on the site with the amount of a little content. In order to get safe you should put adsense ads on sites with content and page number more than 30 pages.

26. Avoid using dynamic ip at login (auto-change ip when logging into adsense account)

27. Pay attention on how long a visitor visits your site and then click on the ad, if for example the visitors just visit your site then click the ad directly in this case could lead to fraudulent clicks ( invalid click). Try to gain time for visitors to linger in advance at the new site then clicks on the ad, how can the make a long article and place the ads below the article.

28. Watch your IP and hostname. Adsense will know when you are clicking on your own ads from No. / IP address. If you frequently use such office computer, please notify the web site that has an adsense to your friends, because usually the computers in the office have the same IP and this would be a danger when the ad is clicked by a friend's office, adsense will detect if you own who have clicked on the ad. So even the computers in the cafe usually has the same IP.

29. For dynamic IP users eg modem users, do not feel happy first, because it will keep changing IP when connected to the internet so feel safe when clicking on your own ads. Although IP is changing but still address the future is always the same (same subnetwork), so that adsense will be able to detect if you have clicked on the ad itself.

30. Carefully IP Proxy user / Anonymizer / proxy servers, proxy servers usually renowned users will leave their traces USER AGENT. With so many visitors to the same proxy server that will threaten your adsense account, because adsense might consider clicking the ad is the same person. But you can block certain ip address in adsense account to manage who can see adsense ads on your site.

31. Things you have to know: Adsense can track and detect the browser type, the type of operating system, monitor resolution, cookies, cache etc. So adsense team will know anyone who has clicked the adsense ads.

32. Do not ever, ever put duplicate article on your blog, Adsense hates so much to duplicate content.

I did not realize that I was writing tips this much, but that's google adsense with its million rules. So if you want still to be a partner of google adsense there is no other way than to always obey their rules and obey all google wishes. Google adsense regulation more details can be read in https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms. Thankyou

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