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Rabu, 26 November 2014

10 Powerful and Free SEO tool

SEO Tool is almost can not be calculated anyway, because so many seo tools scattered on the Internet, ranging from free to paid. And of course, when talking about which is best, the price is never a lie.

However, here I am not going to discuss the Software or the paid SEO Tool, because I am poor people who are hungry so I know exactly what is a favorite free to me, especially if it is not the Internet? From young to old, if given a free whatever I definitely would receive hahahah lol.

For this reason, here I have prepared a set of information for you about Free SEO Tool and Best in 2014 were summarized based on the number of users and the effectiveness of the tool.

Well, no need to linger, here are 10 SEO Tool Free and Best.

1. Google Webmaster

SEO tool which I personally think most super complete. But unfortunately this seo tool only works for the blog owner so this tool, you could say would be useful if used to spy on our opponent blog.

1. View the number of search queries
2. Know the Number of pages Indexed
3. Check whether there is error page
4. Seeing already indexed backlinks
5. And many more

2. Google Keyword Planner

A very powerful tool to perform keyword research, and can be sorted by the highest number of searches.

1. See how much value click Keywords
2. Seeing how many keywords are searched in 1 Month
3. Finding the idea of keywords to be used as a Title

3. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

This is a seo tool from Removeem. As the name implies this one tool and its function separately check Backlink Anchor Text used to create the link.

1. Check Backlink and Anchor Text
2. Finding the broken links and report it to Google Webmaster

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

You could say this is also the best seo tool and is my favorite, because there are a lot of tools that you can use.

1. Check the broken links
2. On-Page Optimization

5. SEOQuake

Toolbar to always I used to do the checking of the SEO strength of the web.

1. Keyword Density
2. Diagnosis
3. Page Info

6. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Tool to research keywords, and also you can use to figure out the most popular keywords that bring many visitors or a blog.

1. Keyword Research
2. Seeing keywords opponent
3. Tool seo nearly complete,

7. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

If you are using self-hosted WordPress mode, then this is the plugin that I think is required to be installed, as it will help you increase traffic to your wordpress blog.

1. Remind keyword density
2. Use the Right Heading
3. And others, please try yourself

8. Majestic SEO

Very suitable to see backlinks from competitors, but unfortunately if you want to see all the links you have to pay.

1. Seeing backlink your own or opponent
2. Knowing how much anchor text with the percentage

9. Open Site Explorer

This is the tool I use most, because its very complete, what are they?

1. Check PA / DA
2. Check BackLink
3. Check AnchorText

10. SEMRush

It is suitable to see which keywords are the mainstay of the opponent, but his weakness is rarely if new web indexed by SEMRush this, so it should be a website or blog that has a long or famous web.

1. Seeing rival keywords
2. Looking at the opponent and yourself backlink
3. Being able to see how many people blog visitors

Seo tool above could be considered complementary and have the functions and advantages of each, so please try one by one.

Hopefully this article Free SEO Tool and Best in 2014 above can provide benefits info to you all. Thankyou