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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Processor type for small Busyness Server CPU

Choose a server processor that is suitable for your needs. Motherboard server must also be adjusted to your server CPU. Intel Xeon processor introduces a variety of models while AMD Opteron issued specifically for the needs of a server that supports your data center. 

For mid-sized business needs a machine that you use should be based servers. Terms of your machine in order to be used as a server computer, the following is a requirement that the server machine can provide: 

-Platform that can operate 24h x 7days in providing reliability and security of data 

-Good performance to run multiple business applications simultaneously 

-Save power and remote management options in order to save costs 

Are all the processors can be used as a server? Yes may be, but whether the processor is able to provide appropriate performance and support your data center? Data centers today are able to provide virtualization support that can be integrated with public cloud and more importantly can support high availability (Clustering) and disaster recovery automatically. Intel Xeon and AMD with Opteron is a type of server processors that support for it. 

Intel Xeon Processor server 
For line of processors made ​​by Intel for your server needs, Intel Xeon server processor family issued and Itanium. 

Xeon family has many variants of the Intel Xeon E3; E5; E7 and 5000 sequences. Besides, it also introduced the Intel Itanium processor designed specifically for the high performance nature of virtualization and scalability. 

For a small business server 
For your small business needs Xeon E3 family was able to be reliable based on 2 cores 4 threats; 4 4 cores 4 cores 8 threats or threat. Of the 1.8 GHz clock speed at 3.70GHz clock speed E3-1230LV3 up on E3-1290V2. 

Core hardware is a term that describes the number of stand-alone processing unit in a single CPU chip. While the threat is a term that describes software that sequential series of basic instructions that can be processed by a single-core CPU. Your server motherboard is usually adjusted by the number of CPU chip; may be single; Dual or Quad. 

Make sure the 64-bit and VT 
One thing to consider in choosing a processor Intel server processor is make sure you air-feature VT (virtualization technology) and course-based 64-bit. And indeed all the 64-bit Intel Xeon-based. This is to ensure that your server is ready for Microsoft Windows server 2008; 2012 and ensure good support for private datacenter virtualization and public cloud integration. 

 What AMD CPU server? 
AMD Opteron server processor families out with the AMD 6000 series; AMD 4000 and also AMD 3000. The first two series, namely 6000 and 4000 designed to support virtualization while the 3000 series is not. So be sure to choose the 4000 series or 6000 for your data center. Opteron is designed with a modular architecture of next generation core that optimizes the performance per watt of power for high frequency. 

AMD Opteron server CPU 

AMD-V technology 
Opteron also supports virtualization with AMD-V technology support. Make sure AMD Virtualization ™ (AMD-V ™) technology is on the server CPUs AMD chip if you wish to support virtualization in your data center. 

CPU server for a small business AMD 4000 series is sufficient for the needs of small business. The motherboard is a socket server used C32 for Opteron 4000 series processor family. 

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