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Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

How to remove duplicate title in wordpress


Many cases are caused duplicate title in wordpress CMS, usually occur after installing certain plugins and then after it happened duplicate titles, and as a solution, there is a simple way to remove or eliminate the duplicate title. the solution is very easy to fix as follows:

Go to wordpress admin then edit the file head.php in theme editor. find the <title>

The following code at the title that is our theme. (every theme is different but essentially the same)

<title> <? php bloginfo ('name'); ?> <? Php wp_title (''); ?> </ title> 

change to

<title> <? php wp_title (''); ?> </ title> 

So only a single line of code that you need to change, and if there are other lines of code you have to changeit to <title> <? php wp_title (''); ?> </ title>.

May this article usefull to you. Thanks