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Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

How many words To Create an Ideal Articles?

Optimizing a blog to keep in the loop indices SEO is very many factors what we should think and do, and one of the factors that strongly supports the analysis of how the number of words to make 1 article / post so that the post is ideal with a niche title of your blog article. 

Many bloggers, especially new ones, may ask about "Where to stop when creating the article?" Basically there is no clear limit to determine how long a blog post should be. You may be able to write in 250 words, or it could be you need more than 2000 words to make the same article. So how many words are supposed to create a blog article? In my opinion, this is a matter of practice will follow or not follow the established rules. So let's discuss how the number of words that are supposed to make in order to post the article looks ideal. 

1. Purpose Articles 
While writing a blog article, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. Like, niche or theme title of the article. I'm not saying you have to stop if the number of words has reached 500, but I would say adjust the number of long words on your blog articles from the niche. Because in general, a website that aims to inform the post length on average lower than websites that aim to interact with people. So nice what you are talking about, then you will know where to stop. Websites need to be more technical and detailed review, because the reader is looking for details of a product that you write on an article. That is why at this stage we need to develop the story line settings Drafting Blog SEO Optimization 

2. Stability And Consistent 
One more important thing. When writing articles, specify the range of the number of words that you would use, and try to remain in that range. Once you decide on a suitable range, do it. For example, if you're used to writing with a minimum word count of 500, then use the word count in the next article. By doing so, the blog will look consistent. This does not mean you have to limit the use of the word count. Use this amount, and do the analysis for any niche or theme. 
Do not think the visitors will be bored reading, but it will be so much commentary summarizes the keywords that you would get with a long article content. 

3. Quality Content 
Quality content will always be indexed by google updates, and content quality as what was said ?, please note google is entitled to give a penalty against a content article, with such provisions, crawlers and spiders can be considered as a reading machine, so that when they Confessing index of a short article, starts sounding the alarm ringing signal has been detected as an element content with SPAM. Post short / short is usually seen as spam by the search engines, because of the short article will usually insert a link to their site on purpose just to increase backlinks. Who knows in the future Google will delete spam posts? Therefore, A blog needs to have the number of words that are feasible, so as to avoid Google update in the future. 

Like all of you who do not like plagiarism, as well as highly spam content disliked by google. so, it's time now to talk about the quality of the content, as early did during the making of the title by following a few guidelines in my previous article about 6 Ways Making It The descriptive title. 

4. Structure of Paragraphs 
There are a few quick tips from me as a guide for writing correct code in a particular blog article 
Note Heading tags that you use when writing, use only H1 per page, alternatively use as a multi-level headings and sub-headings in the content of your article, it will make you look attractive article content, and most importantly, the engine spiders will more easily see and read your content is organized and directed. 
It would be interesting if you always separate the content in short paragraphs, it is intended for those who read will avoid boredom with your article that long, because many of those who read the chain to express their thoughts in one sentence flowing, but it was only produce little or no desire to read at all. Keep the articles about 500-1000 words, use the words easy to understand readers, this range is not too long and not too boring and not too short. In my opinion, this range is perfect in determining the ideal number of words in an article

Until this point, I am sure you will soon understand why we need to do an analysis of the ideal number of words in making an article. Postings are long enough to be more profitable because it has a perfect keyword density. Posts in a long article will certainly have a lot of keywords, and the article in the format and structure appropriate. 

I hope this article will be useful for you. Thank you and see yaa .. !!